1st meeting WP5 Working group MoU for beyond GENERA network

Monday, 7 May 2018 from to (Europe/Amsterdam)
at Vidyo
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  • Monday, 7 May 2018
    • 14:00 - 14:01 Opening 1'
    • 14:01 - 14:02 Presence and agenda 1'
      Material: Minutes unknown type file
    • 14:02 - 15:42 Discussion items 1h40'
      Material: Annotated mind map pdf file Discussion document pdf file
      • What are the ideas of the format of the MoU? 10'
        Could it be a covering letter and a formal MoU with preamble, articles describing goal, organisation and general commitments, and annexes with o.a. the foreseen program of activities of the network?
        Material: 6 steps and special topics word file Motivations/Aims word file
      • What are the ideas about the signatories/members of the network? 10'
        Are these e.g. directors of physics institutes or are these the funding authorities?
      • How can the Mind map made in January be implemented in the real world? 10'
        What activities could be part of the network program to comply with the ideas in the Mind map? What instruments to use for a (cost) effective network? See also the discussion document.
        Material: Tasks word file
      • What are the added values for organisations signing the MoU? 10'
        Can we make the added values as concrete as possible?
        Look at the list in the discussion document as reference. What should be added/changed?
        Material: Added values for signatories word file
      • Do we agree about the commitments of signatories/member? 10'
        Example described in the discussion document.
        Material: Commitments of signatories word file
      • What are the ideas about the financial model for the network? 10'
        Fee for membership, but free activities? Or Free membership with paid network services?
        Material: Financial model word file
      • What are the ideas about the organisational structure of the network? 10'
        Material: Organisational structure word file
    • 15:42 - 15:47 Division of work 5'
      Material: Minutes unknown type file
    • 15:47 - 15:52 Next (virtual) meeting 5'
      Material: Minutes unknown type file
    • 16:00 - 16:01 Adjourn 1'