60th EUGridPMA+ meeting (in conjunction with IGTF, GN5-1 EnCo, EGI IGTF liaison, AARC Policy Community)

Blegdamsvej 17Blegdamsvej 17, room Hb1 (Niels Bohr Institutet)

Blegdamsvej 17Blegdamsvej 17, room Hb1

Niels Bohr Institutet

Blegdamsvej 17 Copenhagen, DK
David Groep (Nikhef)

The 60th EUGridPMA meeting will take place in Copenhagen, kindly hosted by Anders Waananen and the Niels Bohr Institute, and co-located with the FIM4R meetign (Tuesday) and TIIME Unconference (Wednesday and Thursday) in the same city (but at a different place). 
See https://www.eugridpma.org/meetings/2024-01/ for logistics information. The meeting is at the original NBI location (Blegdamsvey 17)!