Special Colloquium "Real-time reconstruction at LHCb: advancing physics at the heavy flavour frontier" by Maarten van Veghel (Nikhef)

top meeting room (H234d) (Nikhef)

top meeting room (H234d)



Exploring heavy flavour physics at a hadron collider offers numerous opportunities, though it comes with significant demands on the trigger and reconstruction due to the high multiplicity environment. The recent upgrade of the LHCb detector introduces a fully software-based trigger to handle higher signal rates. Its real-time reconstruction algorithms must consider speed, performance and bandwidth, while at the same time accommodating a diverse physics program. Beyond enhancing the regular program, the upgraded setup opens new avenues, from low-mass di-electrons from hypothetical dark photons, to directly reconstructing charged beauty hadrons. In this presentation, the speaker will give an overview of the real-time reconstruction efforts, with a focus on their work: from electron and charged beauty hadron reconstruction to machine learning infrastructure. 


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