• Andreas Freise
  • Eveline Schram - Post
  • Joan Berger
  • Maria Haney
  • Panos Christakoglou
  • Robert Fleischer
  • Tristan du Pree
  • Wouter Waalewijn


The Nikhef colloquia are organised by Robert Fleischer and Andreas Freise. They usually take place on Fridays at 11:00 in room H331 and last for about one hour. The Nikhef colloquium is an important aspect of the scientific life at Nikhef and targets at our students (MSc, PhD), postdocs and scientific staff physicists both from theory and experiment (LHC: ATLAS/LHCb/ALICE, astro-particle physics: Antares/KM3NeT/Auger/Xenon, gravitational waves: Virgo/Lisa). If you would like to receive the announcements of the colloquium by email, please subscribe to mailing list by following the link on the right (i.e. right below "Files"). For more information about the Nikhef colloquium and suggestions of possible topics and speakers, please contact the organisers.