Neutrino group outing


We start our meeting with TeamBiesbosch (location: where we have our first session and do some activities at the end of the day.

To get there, we have the car of Aart leaving from Ijburg, the car from Daan who can pick people up at Nikhef, and a van leaving from Central Station. You can claim a spot here:

We will sleep in the 'pittoreske' Raamsdonksveer at Hotel Heere:

We have dinner at 19:30 at 't zusje:

And on Thursday our meeting continue in the hotel. 

Some notes about the activity:

Moreover, it's important to dress appropriately according to the weather conditions. Here are some tips:

  • Make sure you don't lose heat. The better your clothing insulates, the easier it is to stay warm.
  • Think in layers, because if you are actively engaged, it can still become too warm without noticing.
  • Wear closed and preferably waterproof shoes.
  • In cold weather, wear thick (ski) socks and a thick denim or tracksuit pants.
  • Wear an extra layer under your sweater, like a long-sleeved T-shirt or thermal clothing.
  • Ensure a warm coat and possibly a poncho.
  • Think about a scarf and a hat or ear warmers (a lot of heat leaves the body via the head).
  • Gloves are also recommended (depending on the activity, thinner gloves with grip are handy so you can effectively use the laser gun, bow, or saferoller).
  • We advise spare clothes and shoes for after the activity."