Sep 16 – 17, 2022
WCW Congresse Centre
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

The International Gravitational-Wave Observatory Network (IGWN) works with OSG and the corresponding European and global shared computing infrastructure/s to enable LIGO-, Virgo- and Kagra-affiliated researchers with distributed high-throughput computing resources.

IGWN will have a face-to-face meeting September 16-17, 2022 in Amsterdam Science Park to discuss outstanding issues and future plans.

The agenda is still being finalized, but current includes:

  • Tutorial on OSG-Managed IGWN-Grid Infrastructure (frontend, factory, pilots, tiger config, how to test changes, how are new sites added, how does OSG monitor sites in the OS pool, etc.) [Brian Bockleman]
  • A Deep Dive into IGWN-Grid Operations Challenges” and/or “Tutorial on Monitoring on the IGWN-Grid (from both admin and user perspectives)” [James Clark]
  • Report and discussion on x509->SciToken Transition (Overview, Plans, Progress, Timeline, Issues, Risks) [Ron Tapia]
  • User presentations – what’s good/useful, what’s hard/painful, what would be great to see – obstacles to LVC data analyses on shared resources with a similar scale, degree of robustness, and level of service as they currently enjoy on the LIGO Data Grid.
  • Discussion of IGWN DHTC challenges and priorities for the next few years
  • Discussion of quantifiable metrics for measuring progress
  • Hackathon for specific technical goals.
WCW Congresse Centre
Euler (Z0.09)
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