Board of Scientific Representatives Einstein Telescope (BSR-ET)

GWFP meeting room (1.047) (University of Maastricht Building DUB30 Duboisdomein 30 6229 GT Maastricht)

GWFP meeting room (1.047)

University of Maastricht Building DUB30 Duboisdomein 30 6229 GT Maastricht

University of Maastricht Building DUB30 Duboisdomein 30 6229 GT Maastricht
Job de Kleuver
    • 11:00 12:00
      0. Arrival of participants and informal coffee (meeting will start at noon) 1h
      • You are welcome to arrive between 11.00 and 12.00 hrs. for informal meeting and coffee

      • The meeting will start at noon.

      • For those who will join via Zoom we start the link around 11.55:

    • 12:00 12:05
    • 12:05 12:15
      2. Decisons and action items last meeting(s) 10m
      1. Coordinators were requested to align the WP Governance in the INFRA-DEV proposal with the Board of Governmental Representatives (BGR).
      2. All interested countries can join this BSR with a national science representative.
      3. Stan and Antonio are planning a meeting with Fabiola Giannotti in the first week of November to discuss the role and contributions of CERN. More info in the next BSR meeting.
      4. Jo and Nando are preparing an action plan for Vacuum studies with CERN under the umbrella of the ET-MoU between CERN-INFN-Nikhef.
      5. Mario will summarise the fruitful discussion about the Work Packages (WP) for the INFRA-DEV proposal and the foreseen WP leaders (two for each WP). This list has to be finalised soon and should also be more diverse.
      6. Stan invites all members to join for dinner after the opening ceremony of ETPathfinder.
    • 12:15 12:35
      3. Announcements (only topics that are not on the remainder of the agenda) 20m
      • Coordinators Antonio and Stan
      • Project Directoriate Nando and Jo
      • Country representatives: any interesting news?
    • 12:35 13:00
      4. CERN and ET 25m
      • Report of meeting with Fabiola Giannotti (CERN) about ET related topics and CERN.
      • Report Nando and Jo about vacuum action plan
      • Discussion follow-up actions towards CERN (recognised experiment, office spaces, other activities)
    • 13:00 13:25
      5. Preparation INFRA-DEV proposal (Mario) 25m
      • Country representatives
      • Overview proposed Work Packages and WP leaders
      • Proposal first steps in division of tasks
      • Financial planning and contributions
    • 13:25 13:45
      6.Topics for interaction with BGR 20m
      • ESFRI launch event: Who is going to Ljubljana? Do we organise an ET event?
      • Preparations WP Governance and input/feedback BGR
    • 13:45 13:55
      7. AOB and next meetings 10m
      • 23 November 12.00-13.00 hrs Zoom
      • 7 December 12.00-13.00 hrs Zoom (tbc; can change)
      • 20 December 09.00-10.00 hrs Zoom
      • 10 January 11.00-12.00 hrs Zoom
    • 13:55 14:00
      8. Closing 5m
      • The opening ceremony of ETPathfinder starts at 15.00 hrs in the same building.