53rd EUGridPMA Virtual meeting, with the AARC Policy Community, GN4-3 EnCo, and EOSC

https://www.eugridpma.org/z/53 (Zoom)



David Groep (Nikhef)

The meeting will be held virtually, and remote participation options will remain possible in a Nikhef Zoom virtual meeting room. There will be three sessions:

  • Tuesday afternoon, from 13.30 till 17.00 CEST
  • Wednesday morning, from 09.30 till 12.30 CEST
  • Thursday afternoon, from 13.30 till 17.00 CEST
    • 13:30 13:40
      Welcome, agenda, minutes last meeting, note taker, introductions 10m
      Speaker: David Groep (Nikhef)
    • 13:40 13:55
      APGridPMA: developments in the Asia Pacific region 15m
      Speaker: Eric Yen (Academia Sinica Grid Computing Centre)
    • 13:55 14:05
      Self-audit review & status of suspended authorities 10m
      Speaker: Nistor Cosmin (ROSA)
    • 14:05 14:30
      CA Update I: LIP CA 25m
      Speaker: Nuno Dias (LIP)
    • 14:30 15:00
      WISE SCI v2 ‘how-to’ guide development 30m
      Speakers: David Kelsey, Ian Neilson (STFC - UKRI)
    • 15:00 15:15
      Coffee 15m
    • 15:15 16:15
      AARC PDK and review of the EOSC Security Baseline 1h

      Introduction to and collaborative review of the AARC PDK evolved EOSC Security Baseline

      Speaker: David Groep (Nikhef)
    • 16:15 16:30
      Coffee 15m
    • 16:30 16:40
      Token Workshop and TAGPMA update 10m
      Speaker: Derek Simmel (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center)
    • 16:40 16:55
      CA Updates II: RCauth.eu 15m
      Speakers: Jens Jensen (UKRI-STFC) , Mischa Salle, Nicolas Liampotis (GRNET)
    • 13:30 14:00
      (AARC PDK policy – evolution for the EOSC and beyond) 30m

      discussion on how to best manage the AARC PDK, how we can ensure it remains current (maybe with different branches), and how we can best ensure WISE collaboration for it.

      Speakers: David Kelsey, Hannah Short (CERN)
    • 14:00 14:15
      Coffee 15m
    • 14:15 14:30
      Assurance with eduBADGES 15m

      Linking eduID and ReadID in remote name verification and liveness checking

      Speakers: Maarten Kremers (SURFnet) , Peter Havekes (SURF)
    • 14:30 15:15
      Assurance working group and paper evolution 45m
      Speaker: Jule Ziegler
    • 15:15 15:30
      Coffee 15m