ONLINE COLLOQUIUM: "Energy Recovery Linacs: Virtual beam power for a multitude of applications" by Andreas Jankowiak (Helmholtz Centrum Berlin)

Friday, 27 March 2020 from to (Europe/Amsterdam)
at Nikhef
Meeting will be online only (zoom required):

The promise of Energy Recovery Linac (ERL) is to provide electron beams with unprecedented quality at high currents, tailored to the required user demands, without wasting multi MW or even GW of unused beam power. An overview of the basic ideas, fundamental principles and applications of ERLs will be given, based on a description of their historic development and of past and present ERL test facilities and installations. Special emphasis will be put on the comparison between storage rings and ERL, both types of machine which are capable of providing highest virtual beam power. Some more detailed insights into the challenges and the technologies to be mastered to realize an ERL will be given at the example of the Berlin Energy Recovery Linac Project bERLinPro, which is in realization at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin.

RECORDING - the recorded webcast can be watched via this link: