"Dark Matter Searches and Other Physics Signals in XENON1T, XENONnT and DARWIN" by Patrick Decowski (Nikhef)

Friday, 5 October 2018 from to (Europe/Amsterdam)
at Nikhef ( H331 )
Dual-phase liquid xenon experiments in underground laboratories are starting to reach extreme radiopurity and significant target size. The XENON collaboration recently completed a search for dark matter particles with XENON1T. The ultra-low background and an exposure of 1 ton-year allowed for an eightfold sensitivity improvement over previous direct detection dark matter experiments. I will discuss these world-leading results in the context of dark matter (WIMP) searches. I will also show that further lowering of backgrounds and increasing the xenon target size opens up the possibility of looking for other physics channels, such as those relating to neutrinos. This will become particularly important for future experiments such as XENONnT and DARWIN - our Nikhef group has a strong involvement in both.