Sep 4 – 15, 2017
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Scientific Program

The school follows an intensive schedule of roughly 60-70 hours of lectures and tutorials spread over 10 days (Monday afternoon September 4, to Friday afternoon September 15). It contains a core theoretical program Quantum Field Theory with tutorials, Electroweak physics with tutorials and a core experimental program on the topic of Detectors for charged particle tracking. The core program is supplemented by various lectures as shown below. The program is supplemented with off-topic evening lectures, social-cultural activities and evening activities.

Lecture topics in 2017:

Quantum Field Theory   (Alberto Mariotti, Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

Electroweak Theory    (Laura Lopez Honorez, Vrije Universiteit and Universite Libre Bruxelles)

Tracking Detectors    (Jochen Kaminski, Universitaet Bonn)

Cosmology and Dark Matter     (Christoph Weniger, Universiteit van Amsterdam)

Particle Accelerators     (Rende Steerenberg, CERN)

Gravitational Waves     (Sarah Caudill, Nikhef and University of Wisconsin)

Precision Experiments      (Gerco Onderwater, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)

Student hands-on project