22nd Symposium for Astroparticle Physics in the Netherlands

Hotel Bergse Bossen

Hotel Bergse Bossen

Traaij 299 3971 GM Driebergen
The annual meeting of the Dutch astroparticle physics community will be held this year as a two-day symposium on March 30st/31st 2017 at the Hotel Bergse Bossen (Driebergen-Zeist). This will be the 22nd symposium of a series which started in the year 2004. The meetings are organized by the Committee of Astroparticle Physics in the Netherlands - CAN. The idea of these symposia is to form a strong astroparticle physics community in the Netherlands. The symposia give a platform to (PhD) students and postdoctoral researchers to present their recent results to a nation-wide audience and to establish new scientific contacts beyond the own working group. It is also a tradition to have international keynote speakers, reviewing important aspects of astroparticle physics.

Titles for contributions should be sent to Dorothea Samtleben (dosamt at nikhef.nl).

This meeting will be free of charge thanks to the generous support of NWO-WARP, Nikhef and NOVA.

  • aart heijboer
  • Ad van den Berg
  • Alexander Aab
  • Alexey Boyarsky
  • Andrew Brown
  • Andrii Magalich
  • Annalisa Pilllepich
  • Antonella Garzilli
  • Antonio Bonardi
  • Archisman Ghosh
  • Arjen van Vliet
  • Arthur Corstanje
  • Auke Colijn
  • Charles Timmermans
  • Chris Van Den Broeck
  • Christoph Weniger
  • Cristina Galea
  • David Berge
  • Dorothea Samtleben
  • Elena Maria Rossi
  • Emma Storm
  • Erik Hogenbirk
  • Ernst-Jan Buis
  • Fabio Zandanel
  • Fabries van den Heuvel
  • Frank Helmich
  • Gia Trinh
  • Gianfranco Bertone
  • Gijs Nelemans
  • Giovanna Pugliese
  • Giuseppe De Mauro
  • Irene Polderman
  • Jason Hessels
  • Jelle Aalbers
  • Job de Kleuver
  • Jörg Hörandel
  • Jörg Paul Rachen
  • Ka Wa Tsang
  • Karel Melis
  • Katharine Mulrey
  • Kyrylo Bondarenko
  • Laura Rossetto
  • Luc Hendriks
  • Maciej Bilicki
  • Maria Bader
  • Maurice Stephan
  • Mieke Bouwhuis
  • Nassim Bozorgnia
  • Niki Klop
  • Olaf Scholten
  • Patrick Crumley
  • Patrick Decowski
  • Paul de Jong
  • Ping Zhou
  • Pragati Mitra
  • Ralph Wijers
  • Rens Waters
  • Richard Bartels
  • Riley Connors
  • Ronald Bruijn
  • Sascha Caron
  • Sebastian Liem
  • Shin'ichiro Ando
  • Sijbrand de Jong
  • Stan Bentvelsen
  • Stijn Buitink
  • Thomas Edwards
  • Valeriya Korol
  • Vink Jacco
  • Wilfried Boland
  • Thursday, March 30
    • CAN meeting (closed session)
    • 10:00 AM
    • 1
      Speaker: Jörg Hörandel
    • 2
      Illustris TNG: Understanding the Co-evolution of dark-matter and galaxies with cosmological simulations of structure formation
      Speaker: Annalisa Pillepich
    • APP: focus
      • 3
        Pinpointing Dark Matter — Complex models, Astrophysics and the Large Hadron Collider
        Speaker: Sascha Caron
      • 4
        Closing the MeV gap: hunting for low-mass dark matter with future gamma-ray mission
        Speaker: Richard Bartels
      • 5
        Reducing low frequency noise at next generation gravitational wave detectors
        Speaker: Maria Bader
    • 12:45 PM
    • 6
      Recent developments in Axion Dark Matter Phenomenology & Dark Matter Detectors as Neutrino Detectors - A Problem and an Opportunity
      Speaker: Malcolm Fairbairn
    • APP: general
      • 7
        High energy cosmic rays
        Speaker: Jörg Hörandel
      • 8
        TeV gamma rays
        Speaker: David Berge
    • 4:00 PM
    • APP: general
      • 9
        High energy neutrinos
        Speaker: Aart Heijboer
      • 10
        Gravitational Waves
        Speaker: Gijs Nelemans
      • 11
        Dark Matter
        Speaker: Patrick Decowski
      • 12
        Discussion time
    • APP: focus - poster projections with drinks
      • 13
        Frequency spectrum of the radio emission
        Speaker: Laura Rossetto
      • 14
        Highlights from ANTARES
        Speaker: Dorothea Samtleben
      • 15
        Identifying cosmic rays through particle detection at the Earth's surface
        Speakers: Alexander Aab, Giuseppe de Mauro
      • 16
        Probing the nature of compact objects with gravitational waves
        Speaker: Ghosh Archisman
      • 17
        Properties of the radio emission during thunderstorms measured with LOFAR
        Speaker: Gia Trinh
    • 8:00 PM
    • Strategy discussion (closed session)
    • 10:00 AM
    • 18
      Connection of high energy neutrinos and cosmic rays
      Speaker: Eli Waxman
    • NWO program WARP
      • 19
        Cosmogenic photons and neutrinos constrain UHECR source models
        Speaker: Arjen van Vliet
      • 20
        Multi-messenger astronomy with white dwarf binaries
        Speaker: Valeriya Korol
      • 21
        Particle acceleration in trans-relativistic shocks
        Speaker: Patrick Crumley
      • 22
        The Compact High Energy Camera for the Cherenkov Telescope
        Speaker: Maurice Stephan
    • 12:35 PM
    • APP: focus
      • 23
        Turbulent re-acceleration in galaxy clusters: first constraints ever from gamma-rays
        Speaker: Fabio Zandanel
      • 24
        Towards a cosmological prior for extragalactic cosmic ray production
        Speaker: Jörg Paul Rachen
      • 25
        Constraints on the brightest neutrino source
        Speaker: Shin'ichiro Ando
      • 26
        First KM3NeT data
        Speaker: Karel Melis
      • 27
        Composition of cosmic rays and atmospheric influences
        Speaker: Pragati Mitra
      • 28
        Extended trigger capabilities for air showers with LOFAR
        Speaker: Katie Mulrey
    • 3:45 PM
    • Discussion time