Special Colloquium "Measuring B0s oscillations using excellent tracking at LHCb" by Manuel Schiller (Glasgow)

Veltman center (H331) (Nikhef)

Veltman center (H331)



In this talk, I will illustrate some aspects of tracking in a particle physics  experiment using the example of Bs0 --> Ds-+ K+- pi+ pi-  decays, illustrating the importance of excellent tracking and momentum resolution for this kind of precision measurement. This 2020 measurement of the B0s decays using the full LHCb run 1 and 2 data sets yielded a world-best measurement of the B0s oscillation frequency Delta(ms) (at the time), and a measurement of the CKM angle gamma. Towards the end of the talk, I  will spend some time on fast parametrisations I use for studies for LHCb Upgrade 2 using multidimensional Chebyshev fits which are linear in fit parameters, a powerful and fast technique that is applicable and useful  throughout particle physics (and indeed beyond). 

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