COLLOQUIUM "Of Hadrons and Hoaxes: Accelerating Science and Smashing Through Misinformation" by Clara Nellist (UvA/Nikhef)


An essential component of the long-term success of scientific research is communicating the process and results with a diverse audience. With false information spreading as quickly in our digital age as particles in an LHC collision, the role of science communication has never been more critical. We will explore the unique challenges and rewarding opportunities of conveying complex scientific ideas to a broad audience, especially through social media, and delve into how we can effectively debunk myths while promoting factual, engaging content. Each social media platform, from TikTok to YouTube, offers distinct advantages for making the nuanced world of particle physics accessible, yet they also serve as battlegrounds against the spread of conspiracy theories - such as those spurred by recent astronomical events coinciding with major scientific milestones. As we usher in the era of next-generation experiments, clear, charismatic communication is even more essential.

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