SPECIAL COLLOQUIUM: 'The Elephant in the Universe' by Govert Schilling


Speaker: Govert Schilling

Title: The Elephant in the Universe

Abstract: Dark matter has confounded astronomers and physicists alike for many decades. In an attempt to inform a non-nacademic audience about the search for a solution to the dark matter riddle, Dutch astronomy writer Govert Schilling wrote the well-received popular-level book 'The Elephant in the Universe', published last summer by Harvard University Press. In the closing talk of this workshop, Govert will share his experiences in delving into the history, visiting observatories and underground experiments, and meeting key players in the field. He will also discuss science communication and popularization in general.

NB: This is a special colloquium within the Neutriverse workshop: (Wed 30 Nov - Fri 2 Dec in Z011)