Computing Course November 2022

Z011 (WCW Congreszalen)


WCW Congreszalen

Science Park 125 1098 XG Amsterdam

Join our two-day computing course (or parts of it) to learn about the following topics and more:

First day focus: 'You and computer resources'

Nikhef colleagues will talk about Nikhef's centralised services, give hands-on workshops, practical examples and do's and don'ts of which services (not) to use and how. This day will cover a broad range of topics, including but not limited to the following:

  • How to login; (protecting) ssh keys, proxy tunnels
  • General unix principles, basic scripting and programming
  • How to use interactive nodes, login servers and storage (dCache) and why
  • Using certificates, how to; security, how user environments work and analysis frameworks
  • Fall in love with Stoomboot, batch jobs, GPU's, system queues
  • Learn how to work with CVMFS, containers and Conda
  • Where to go for help (we don't bite, and we have cake!)

Second day focus: 'You and data'

Colleagues of Nikhef and CWI will take you through the world of Research Data Management, in a mix of theoretical and practical courses. The goal of the day is to give you the knowledge, setup and experience to intertwine RDM in your (daily) work/research. Including (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • FAIR principles, Dublin Core Metadata standard, create your own ORCID
  • How to fill in a (mock) data management plan & Code of Conduct
  • Adding licenses for data and software re-usability, and why this is crucial
  • Research information repositories (Zenodo, arXiv); how to use them
  • Importance of, and how to do (immutable) journal keeping
  • How to relate journal entries (and Jupyterhub) to corresponding data

*Note for PhD students: the second day of the course ('You and data') is mandatory to follow at least once during your PhD.