Board of Scientific Representatives Einstein Telescope (BSR-ET)


Stan Bentvelsen
    • 5:15 PM 5:18 PM
      1. Opening and welcome 3m
    • 5:18 PM 5:21 PM
      2. Decisons and action items last meeting(s) 3m
      1. All interested countries can join this BSR with a national science representative.
      2. France intends to join the BGR on ministerial level
      3. After fruitful discussions with CERN management ET has become a CERN recognised experiment.
      4. After fruitful discussions CERN is open to offer some office space to house part of the ET project office at CERN.
      5. Ferroni and Van den Brand will take next steps to formalise the Vacuum project initiative with CERN. This project should start as soon as possible
      6. The Infradev application was successful. Compliments to Mario. There will be a kick off meeting in Barcelona on July 19+20.
      7. It was decided to invite the leaders of the ET steering committee (as standing invitations) to the open sessions of our BSR meetings. We keep the possibility for closed sessions on specific topics (i.e. governance).
      8. Feedback to Job to the first draft of ToR will be accepted until July 9th.
      9. On July 15th the next version of the ToR will be circulated by Job
    • 5:21 PM 5:45 PM
    • 5:45 PM 6:00 PM
      4. Next steps of the BSR 15m
      • CERN contract for next years
      • Commitments in pre-construction phase
    • 6:00 PM 6:15 PM
      5. Composition of the BSR 15m
      • Representation of the funding agencies
    • 6:15 PM 6:16 PM
      6. Closing 1m