November 5, 2021
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Feasibility studies of multi-charm baryons in perspective of the ALICE 3 upgrade

Nov 5, 2021, 2:00 PM
de Werelt (main room) (Lunteren)

de Werelt (main room)


Congrescentrum De Werelt Westhofflaan 2 6741 KH Lunteren


Bernhard Hohlweger


Measurements of charm hadrons in pp collisions typically provide insights into the production process of charm in the initial scattering, while those measurements in Pb-Pb collisions aim to understand the role of charm in the equilibration process of the hot and dense medium. Especially states of multi-charm baryons are expected to offer a unique sensitivity to these phenomena, but so far, extensive studies by current experiments are not available.

The upgrade strategy for a future heavy-ion experiment called “ALICE 3” emphasizes an excellent tracking performance as well as a large acceptance and will result in a layout which offers the possibility to implement a new approach in the reconstruction of particles called strangeness-tracking. Its physics program includes the study of multi-charm baryons and the feasibility of such a measurement is studied in simulations, which indicate that a significant measurement of the
$\Xi_{cc}^{++}$ and $\Omega_{cc}^{+}$ yield in both pp and Pb-Pb collisions is possible.

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