HYBRID COLLOQUIUM: "Quantum computing and simulation with ultracold Rydberg atoms" by Servaas Kokkelmans (TUe)




We develop a hybrid quantum computing platform, optimised for variational quantum eigensolving (VQE), and tailored for solving quantum chemistry problems. Our qubits are single strontium atoms held in 2D tweezer arrays, which will interact via Rydberg excitations. The hybrid nature of this platform involves active iteration between the atomic platform and a classical computer. This approach can be considered as a path in-between quantum simulation and universal quantum computing, and holds great promises for quantum speedup in the current noisy intermediate quantum scale (NISQ) regime. Recent results from both our teams at the University of Amsterdam and the Eindhoven University of Technology will be shown: In Amsterdam we have demonstrated arrays of 7x7 traps in which we prepare single atoms that we can sort and keep trapped for 60s; In Eindhoven we are setting up the infrastructure for the hybrid quantum computing platform, with results so far based on a rubidium tweezer setup. Thie project is part of the quantum computing and quantum simulation demonstrator program of Quantum Delta NL, that is developing qubit technologies for online access via Quantum Inspire.