Colloquium: "Prospects for CLIC" by Aidan Robson (Glasgow University)

H331 (Nikhef)



The Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) is a proposed TeV-scale high-luminosity electron-positron collider intended for construction at CERN. The initial energy stage, with centre-of-mass energy 380 GeV, will focus on precision measurements of Higgs-boson and top-quark production and properties. The subsequent energy stages, benchmarked at 1.5 and 3 TeV, will extend these measurements, including giving direct access to the Higgs self-coupling, and will enhance the reach of many direct and indirect searches for new physics beyond the Standard Model. This talk will summarize the status of the CLIC accelerator project, briefly describe the detector envisaged for CLIC, and focus on the latest physics sensitivities in order to highlight the potential of this project.