Theory seminar: Marta Verweij, "Exploring perturbative QCD splittings in heavy-ion collisions"


In this talk I discuss a novel approach to investigate the evolution of jets in heavy-ion collisions by employing a combination of jet substructure observables. The goals is to separate parton splittings from different origins. This method allows to (i) test the dominance of vacuum jet dynamics at early times, (ii) capture the transition from coherent to incoherent jet energy loss, and (iii) study elastic scatterings in the medium, which are either hard and perturbative or soft and responsible for jet thermalisation. We show that at the HL-LHC luminosity it should be possible to disentangle the various mechanisms with an analysis of state-of-the-art jet-quenching Monte Carlo event generators. This study should aid in the efforts to define a set of jet observables that can be calculated from first principles, dominated by perturbative QCD, and within the experimental reach of Run3 at the LHC.

Organized by

Ankita Budhraja, Juraj Klaric, Johannes Michel, Tanjona R. Rabemananjara