Theory seminar: : Zeno Capatti, "Local Unitarity and differential cross-sections"

L017 (CWI)




The Local Unitarity representation of differential cross-sections realises Kinoshita-Lee-Nauenberg cancellations of infrared pinched divergences at the local level. As such, it is particularly amenable to Monte Carlo integration. I will start the talk with a brief introduction of the Local Unitarity formalism and its conceptual foundations. I will then continue to discuss its application to the computation of arbitrary differential cross-sections. This will require delving into the technical but intellectually-rewarding subject of how to regulate - using the appropriate analytic continuation - the non-pinched thresholds that remain after KLN cancellations, in a way that is compatible with the locality of physical observables. 
Organized by

Andrea Pelloni, Tanjona Rabemananjara, Tommaso Giani