WAR meeting


Join Zoom Meeting: https://cern.zoom.us/j/69133642987?pwd=aFZqdkZjUVFSUWNWUzhkV2MzazYwdz09

    • 11:00 AM 11:20 AM
      Introduction 20m
      Speaker: Lydia Brenner
    • 11:20 AM 11:40 AM
      Discussion 20m

      Open items to discuss.;

      1) GW program - As you may have heard, there will be an additional staff meeting to discuss this topic and the impact of the ET on Nikhef. I would propose that we, as WAR, prepare a list of questions for Stan to answer during this meeting such that he can prepare and we can get a real answer. Think about questions such as "What happens to the other programs at Nikhef if ET gets built here in NL?" As well as "What happens to the people hired on ET if it does not get built here in NL?" 

      2) Our vista opinion - For the staff meeting where the strategy is discussed one more time I think it would be useful if we prepare a presentation with our comments on the document, as well as some extra opinions on strategy that might not be relevant for the document but do have something to do with the strategy. 

      3) the WAR procedure - We should discuss if we want to adjust our mandate to include the organisation of the annual 'away-day meeting' where all new ideas can be presented and that we can then make a report for our Nikhef management where we can also say something about how we compare (or even rank) the different suggestions made, since we indicated in our first meeting that it's a shame we don't get that option. 



      minutes during the meeting; 
      - next meeting there needs to be an owl

      - gerco membership replaced with someone else from Groningen or Utrecht

      - Contact Daan and Patrick about the GW staff meeting with explicit invitation to the GW group, and we provide the questions for this (explicitly to Stefan Hild, Andreas Freise, Chris van den Broek, Stan)

      - Takes another month to have the first full draft of the Vista (Stan) and send this around well in advance before the Staff meeting. WAR gets it to comment on first. Clear deadline will be set. 

      - WAR gives critical feedback on the first draft. 

      - Collection of the notes from the Vista meeting including action items made public. Assign responsible people for different action items, e.g. WAR, sustainability team, Diversity team, director.

      - away-day in time for next ENW-XL in may 2023? just pick a good time in the year. 

      - Include speed-dating for interdiciplinary grant proposal ideas at away-day.

      - Focus on community building and the physics done at Nikhef.

      - Mid March one day meeting Thursday March 16th in Utrecht, or close to a train station at least. 

      - Lydia and Keri go to Eveline for help with finding a location

      - Email to all staff about away-day meeting on March 16th THIS WEEK.

      - Jory will send the bullet point list of the roundtables around to the war. 

      - Keri and Marieke will brainstorm format for the away-day.

      - Next war meeting 30th at 14:00 for away-day prep

      - Ask diversity team to have a short workshop on the away-day