Theory seminar: Claudio Severi, "Renormalization group effects on SMEFT interpretations of LHC data"

L017 (CWI)




I will explore the impact of Renormalization Group effects in SMEFT interpretations of LHC measurements. In a recent work, we extracted the anomalous dimension matrix of a sector of the SMEFT and incorporated the corresponding RG flow in a Monte Carlo generator for the first time. The implementation is general, and allows the inclusion of arbitrary running and mixing effects, a crucial ingredient needed when combining observables with different associated scales in global fits. The RG impact on cross sections and differential distributions of LHC processes is examined, focusing on top production as a key example. By performing a simple fit to recent $t \bar t$ LHC data, we gauge the impact of the RG evolution on bounds on Wilson coefficients.

Organized by

Andrea Pelloni, Tanjona Rabemananjara, Tommaso Giani