Theory Day Meeting

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      Student talk: Beam Counters and the Four Horsemen of the Mechanical Metamaterial Apocalypse

      Many novel material properties have emerged from the field of mechanical metamaterial, but thus far there has been little interest in history dependent properties.
      Here we demonstrate a class of metamaterials that are able to store information of their past driving. First we show a material that counts how often it is compressed: a beam counter. Next we show how we are able to make more complicated systems with designed pathways that distinguish sequences of inputs. Nonlinearities given by buckling, snapping, and contacts, combined with controlled asymmetry, are the ingredients that make these materials possible.

      Speaker: Lennart Kwakernaak
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      Approximating missing higher orders in transverse momentum distributions by combining resummations

      Missing higher order uncertainties (MHOU) in perturbative computations are usually estimated by varying the unphysical scales present in the process. However, it is known that scale variation prescriptions often underestimate the actual uncertainty. In this talk, I will present an approach to approximate the unknown next-to-next-to-leading order (NNLO) transverse momentum distribution of colourless final states. The approximation relies on the combination of various resummation formalisms, namely threshold, small-pt and high energy resummations, by exploiting the singularity structure of the large logarithms in Mellin space. I will show that for the case of the Higgs boson production, for instance, the approximate NNLO transverse momentum distribution amounts to a correction of a few percent with respect to the NLO result with a reduction in the scale dependence.

      Speaker: Dr Tanjona Rabemananjara