Matthew Kirk - BSM in charming operators?

N328 (Nikhef)



Operators of the form (sb)(cc) arise in the Standard Model and contribute to a diverse set of observables like Delta Gamma_s, B meson lifetime ratios and radiative decays. In this talk I will discuss my work (1701.09183, 1910.12924) on the full set of operators of this form. I'll describe briefly all the observables we use, and how they are affected by new physics in our operators. I'll also talk through a selection of plots which show the constraints in the parameter space of our Wilson coefficients and the size of the NP scale we are probing. Finally I'll introduce and describe how we can use the CP violating decay B->J/psi K to simultaneously determine some hadronic matrix elements from data and constraint possible CP violating new physics in some of our operators.