preREF 2015 meeting

H331 (Nikhef)



Science Park 105, 1098XG Amsterdam
Andrea Signori, Piet Mulders
The "preREF" meeting will be the occasion to resume the discussions started during the "REF 2014" workshop in Antwerp, which addressed resummation, evolution and factorization of high-energy processes sensitive to transverse momentum of partons, both in "standard-" and "low-x" regimes.

Four working groups were created:
* Theory of TMDs
* extraction of TMDs
* benchmark cross sections/observables
* tools (Monte Carlo and event generators)

Anyone interested in discussing the topics within these categories is welcome to join the "preREF 2015" meeting and get involved in the preparation of the "REF 2015" workshop.

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  • Andrea Signori
  • Cristian Pisano
  • Hannes Jung
  • Igor Cherednikov
  • Maarten Buffing
  • Piet Mulders
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