Nikhef ET Meeting in Amsterdam

WCW Building, Euler Room (Amsterdam Science Park)

WCW Building, Euler Room

Amsterdam Science Park


The Nikhef ET Meeting on March 29, 2023, will be the first of planned regular in-person meetings, kicking off in Amsterdam Science Park, but switching to different locations in the future. These meetings aim to provide a broad forum to discuss Einstein Telescope research in the Nikhef Gravitational Waves group, and facilitate exchanges on ET organisation and collaboration. We hope to bring different groups together to cover a wide range of ET-related topics, from data analysis and instrument development, astronomy, to site geology. The first meeting will have presentation, tutorial and discussion components, accessible to a broad audience.

Please register until March 22.

  • Alessandro Bertolini
  • Alex Amato
  • Andreas Freise
  • Andrew Miller
  • Anna Green
  • Anna Puecher
  • Ayatri Singha
  • Banafsheh Shiralilou
  • Bas Swinkels
  • Chinmay Kalaghatgi
  • Chris Van Den Broeck
  • Conor Mow-Lowry
  • Enrico Porcelli
  • Enzo Tapia
  • Frank Linde
  • Guido Alex Iandolo
  • Haris Maliyamveettil
  • Harsh Narola
  • Henk Jan Bulten
  • Jesse van Dongen
  • Jessica Steinlechner
  • Jonathan Perry
  • Luise Kranzhoff
  • Marc van der Sluys
  • Maria Haney
  • Matteo Tacca
  • Michele Valentini
  • Mischa Sallé
  • Nathan Holland
  • Niels van Bakel
  • Pablo Bosch
  • Paul Kuijer
  • Pawan Kumar Gupta
  • Pooya Saffarieh
  • Riccardo Maggiore
  • Samaya Nissanke
  • Soumen Roy
  • Stefan Danilishin
  • Stefan Hild
  • Tomasz Baka
  • Uddipta Bhardwaj
  • Viola Spagnuolo
  • Wim Walk
  • Zeb van Ranst