GPU accelerated particle physics

by Dr Theory Seminar: Juan Cruz-Martinez

L017 (CWI)




In this talk I will show how hardware acceleration techniques (in particular GPU computing) can be very beneficial to particle physics problems. From Monte Carlo calculations to PDF fitting. Some of the GPU-capable tools that will be mentioned are VegasFlow, a novel implementation of the Vegas algorithm targeting highly parallelizable scenarios, capable to offload parts of the calculation to hardware accelerators such as GPUs offering a massive speed-up with respect to traditional CPU-based Monte Carlo simulations and which has been used in the Madflow plugin of the well known MG5_aMC@NLO; pdfflow, for PDF interpolation in GPUs and n3fit, the fitting framework of the NNPDF collaboration. All software presented in this talk is public and open source.

Organized by

Andrea Pelloni, Tanjona Rabemananjara, Tommaso Giani