Register for: 'Communication: put yourself in the shoes of your audience' (Jamboree parallel session)

Basement (Theater aan 't Vrijthof)


Theater aan 't Vrijthof

Martine Oudenhoven, Ivo van Vulpen

Communication starts with understanding your audience. And that’s exactly what this parallel session is all about! Join us in an interactive session that will help you to step out of your box, and into the shoes of your audience. There’s a limited number of places available, so registration is required.

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  • Alexandra Mitchell
  • Alice Biolchini
  • Anders Rehult
  • Antonella Bianchi
  • Bob Stienen
  • Can Akgun
  • Carlo Fuselli
  • Carlo Pandini
  • Clara Gatius Oliver
  • Ernst-Jan Buis
  • Evelin Bakos
  • Flora Pennartz
  • Frank Filthaut
  • Haris Maliyamveettil
  • Harsh Narola
  • Igor Kostiuk
  • Jordy de Vries
  • Karol Poplawski
  • Kelly Weerman
  • Khung Sang Phukon
  • Luise Kranzhoff
  • Marc van der Sluys
  • Marieke Postma
  • Marjolein van Nuland-Troost
  • Mark Waterlaat
  • Mengqing Wu
  • Nathan Holland
  • Olaf Massen
  • Pawan Gupta
  • Sachin Shain Poruvelil
  • Stan Bentvelsen
  • Yoshinta Setyawati
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