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Friday, 5 November 2021 - 10:00
Real life in Lunteren - no Zoom (de Werelt)

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5 Nov 2021
Plenary 1 - Hella Snoek (until 12:00) (de Werelt)
10:30 Detecting Cosmic Neutrinos for Astronomy and Physics - Aart Heijboer   (de Werelt)
11:15 The inner workings of the quark-gluon plasma - Marta Verweij (Utrecht University) Marta Verweij   (de Werelt)
Parallel 1A (until 12:40) (de Werelt (main room))
12:00 Optimally sensitive observables for global EFT fits - Jaco ter Hoeve   (de Werelt (main room))
12:20 Constraining Neutron-Star Matter with Microscopic and Macroscopic Collisions - Tsun Ho Pang   (de Werelt (main room))
Parallel 1B (until 12:40) (de Werelt (room B))
12:00 Angular analysis of the B0->K*0ee decay with the LHCb detector - Alice Biolchini   (de Werelt (room B))
12:20 A fast and precise method to search for and analyze strongly lensed gravitational-wave events - Justin Janquart   (de Werelt (room B))
Parallel 1C (until 12:40) (de Werelt (room C))
12:00 Inclusive four lepton measurement with the ATLAS experiment at 13 TeV - Matous Vozak (Nikhef)   (de Werelt (room C))
12:20 Ready to address the permanent electric dipole on the electron - Virginia Virginia Marshall Virginia Marshall   (de Werelt (room C))
Parallel 2A (until 15:40) (de Werelt (main room))
14:00 Feasibility studies of multi-charm baryons in perspective of the ALICE 3 upgrade - Bernhard Hohlweger   (de Werelt (main room))
14:40 The Nikhef two photon absorption setup - Tjip Bischoff   (de Werelt (main room))
15:00 Simulating Transient Noise Bursts in LIGO with Generative Adversarial Networks - Melissa Lopez   (de Werelt (main room))
Parallel 2B (until 15:40) (de Werelt (room B))
14:00 ALBUS : Anomaly detector for Long-duration BUrst Searches - Vincent Boudart (University of Liège)   (de Werelt (room B))
14:20 Laboratory and testbeam characterization of ALICE MAPS - Mr Roberto Russo (UvA/Nikhef)   (de Werelt (room B))
14:40 Kicker eddy currents in the Fermilab Muon g−2 experiment - Maria Domenica Galati (Van Swinderen Institute, University of Groningen)   (de Werelt (room B))
15:00 Sensitivity estimates for diffuse, point-like, and extended neutrino sources with KM3NeT/ARCA - Rasa Muller   (de Werelt (room B))
Parallel 2C (until 15:40) (de Werelt (room C))
14:00 Improved Neutrino Shower Reconstruction with KM3NeT - Jordan Seneca   (de Werelt (room C))
14:20 CNN fo inspiral detection: going down in frequency - Grégory Baltus (University of Liège)   (de Werelt (room C))
14:40 Investigating exotic decays of the radon-222 chain with a contaminated liquid xenon detector - Serena di Pede   (de Werelt (room C))
15:00 Search for Higgs boson pair production in bbll final states - Alessio Pizzini (ATLAS)   (de Werelt (room C))
Parallel 3A (until 16:25) (de Werelt (main room))
15:45 Studies of Generalized Transverse Momentum Dependent gluon distributions at EIC and LHC - Chalis Setyadi (VSI, Univeristy of Groningen)   (de Werelt (main room))
16:05 Testing General Relativity with gravitational waves higher-order modes - Anna Puecher (Nikhef)   (de Werelt (main room))
Parallel 3B (until 16:25) (de Werelt (room B))
15:45 Combined effective field theory interpretation of $$H\rightarrow WW^*$$ and $WW$ measurements using ATLAS data - Bryan Kortman   (de Werelt (room B))
Parallel 3C (until 16:25) (de Werelt (room C))
15:45 Ameliorating glitches in gravitational-wave searches for intermediate-mass black holes - Caudill Sarah Portilla Lopez Melissa Giada Caneva Santoro (IFAE)   (de Werelt (room C))
16:05 Commissioning of a setup to develop chemical isobaric separation techniques - Lennart Blaauw (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)   (de Werelt (room C))
Plenary 2 - Hella Snoek (until 17:10) (de Werelt)
16:30 Perspectives of Quantum Gravity - R. Loll   (de Werelt)
Plenary 3 - Hella Snoek (until 20:00) (de Werelt)
19:00 Symmetries in Machine Learning, from Images to Molecules - Prof. Max Welling (University of Amsterdam)   (de Werelt)