1-12 September 2020
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Scientific Programme

The school follows an intensive schedule of roughly 60-70 hours of lectures and tutorials spread over 10 days (Tuesday afternoon September 1, to Saturday afternoon September 12). It contains a core theoretical program Quantum Field Theory with tutorials, Electroweak physics with tutorials and a core experimental program on the topic of Detectors for charged particle tracking. The core program is supplemented by various lectures as shown below. The program is supplemented with off-topic evening lectures, social-cultural activities and evening activities. The scientific program of the school will follow the tracks listed below:
  • Quantum Field Theory
  • Quantum Chromo Dynamics
  • QFT/QCD Tutorial
  • Experimental tests of QCD
  • Experiments with ultra-high cosmic rays and neutrinos
  • BSM physics
  • Experimental aspects of astroparticle and gravitational waves physics
  • Astroparticle Physics and gravitational waves theory
  • Machine learning applied to physics